Check of products with regard to their runout or concentricity

  • High accuracy via telecentricity
  • Free selection of measurement settings
  • Individually adjustable to the test items
  • Report and documentation function

Check of products with regard to their runout or concentricity by turning camera

  • ideal to be integrated into existing assembly line

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Please check: Topical Product – Inline Concentricity and Runout Measurement

Contour measurement with laser line sensor

  • Testing of valve position with triangulation sensor
  • Record of slab geometry with laser scanners
  • Form control with laser shadow scanners
  • Individual software




Amongst others control for completeness, control for existence at all

  • Individual adjustment
  • Black and white, colour, pivoting and tilting cameras possible
  • Statistics function
  • Test while moving




Control of ear plugs

The systems determines angles between different components of a vehicle drive chain

  • In Y- and Z-direction
  • Highly accurate
  • High mobility





Angle measurement of automotive drive shafts

Measurement of temperature

  • Two dimensionally control of temperature distribution
  • Real time thermography with up to 60Hz picture frequenzy
  • Line function for checking tapes


(Deutsch) Bauteil unter Ansicht mit Wärmebildkamera
  • Strength of welded, glued and soldered joints
  • Seams on tapes
  • Casting
  • Temperature monitoring of springs and stabilizers
  • Components for the plastic/spring/steel/glass industry
  • Adhesion weaknesses
  • Air bubbles
  • Foreign bodies
  • Electrical malfunctions / wear
  • Internal components
  • Overheating (Hot Spots)

Pins on a plug are measured

  • tumble circle
  • pins heights
  • Position of x-, y-coordinates
  • Measurement with lasers
  • Fast speed (ca. 4 sec.)

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