imess stands for individual optical
measurement and testing systems
at the highest stage

Patrick Telders | CEO

What does imess provide?

imess is an independent manufacturer service for optical measurement and quality assurance systems with camera and laser, developing solutions since 1998. The measurement and test equipment provides advanced features to support your production efficiently and on the highest technical level.

Who is imess?

imess is a team of specialised engineers, mathematicians and business men and women.

What is different using imess?

imess‘ qualified and smooth project management tops their high-quality product, meeting the customer’s requirements beyond sufficiently. Prior to developing the measurement solution, imess clarifies the specific test task with great attention to detail. Subsequently, the components are selected regardless of their manufacturer but focussing exclusively on the technically most suitable yet cost-effective solution. Each customer receives tailor-made, future orientated systems for their individual purpose.

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What can you expect from imess?

Long term customer satisfaction is key. Apart from the most suitable system for your production, imess provides support beyond the initial operation according to your specific needs. Service offers include 24h on-call duty, training for operators and maintenance staff, monthly maintenance or sourcing out the test and sorting tasks to name only a few.

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the imess team

The imess team of specialist engineers and mathematicians solves challenging quality tasks since 1998.