S4 | Sheet Geometry - inline

Measurement of sheet geometry in cut-to-length-lines

  • Characteristics: length, width and rectangularity
  • Individual measurement length between 300 mm and 8000 mm
  • Inline measurement with a combination of a stable coordinate measurement frame and highly accurate camera evaluation
  • 100% control
  • Construction in steel or granite

SL | Sheet Length - inline

Measurement of sheet length

  • Fast and secure measurement in line
  • Tough and stable construction
  • High accuracy
  • Storage of all measurement results
  • Printout optional

SQ | Sheet Measurement Table

Electronic measurement table for sheets

  • Characteristics:
    • Width
  • Accuracy: +- 0,01 mm
  • easy to operate
  • Fast and documented measurement

SQ-1l | Sheet Measurement Table

Compact measuring table for width measurement

  • Calibre integrated in the system
  • Software surface for result display
  • Test items: e.g. paper strip, foil etc.

SQ2D | Measurement Table for Tailored Blanks

Measurement of Tailored Blanks close to the production line

SW1 | Strip Width Measurement - integrated

Control of material width respectively at the end and beginning of each coil  

  • Telecentric camera technique
  • Measurement accuracy +-0,01 mm
  • Easy operation
  • Integrated interface with controls
  • Including certified calibration standard

Please read also: strong strip width measurement

SW Compact | Strip Width Measurement to 600 mm - integrated

Compact version for small slitting lines

  • Measurement of strip width (Beginning and end of coil)
  • Telecentric cameras
  • Measurement accuracy +- 0,01 mm
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Integrated interface with controls
  • Including certified calibration standard
  • Easily upgradable

Please read also: strong strip width measurement

Please read also: Topical Product – Strip Width Measurement MSA capable

SW fix | Strip Width Measurement

Inline width measurement with 100% monitoring

  • High measurement rate
  • Fast reaction to changes in width
  • Safe distance to strip
Width measurement of coils

SMP | Camber Measurement - stationary

Manual camber measurement

  • Basic length 1000 mm
  • Resolution ±0,01 mm / accuracy 0,1 mm
  • Lightweight and cheap construction and handling
  • Including certified calibration standard
  • Optional computer interface

Please check: Topical Product – Camber Measurement Plate

SMP-I | Camber Measurement - inline

Continuous inline camber measurement with 3 calibrated sensors

  • 100% monitoring
  • No downtimes or damages due to corrupt faulty material
  • High accuracy
  • Documentation of measured results

Please check: Topical Product – Camber Measurement Systems
Please check: Product Update – Now including Thickness and Width Measuring

SMP-P | Camber Measurement - portable

Hand-held with battery for mobile camber measurement              

  • Low weight
  • Basic length: 1 m

Please check: Topical Product – Camber Measurement Systems

Picture of portable camber measurement system

S25 | Knife Crack and Wearing Detection

Crack Detection in round knives

  • Objective
  • Measurement with line scan camera and laser sensor
  • Currently 10 secs/measurement (360°)

Please check: Topical Product – Circular knife analysis

S28 | Burr Measurement

Burr Measurement

  • Automatically measurement once the sheet has been positioned
  • Samples are easy definable


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