Geometry Inspection

The fronts on the conveyor belt are observed by one or more cameras against backlight illumination. Four edge coordinates are recorded in the software which calculates then the palette width, length and rectangularity.

Detect Air Pockets

If air pockets form, they become visible in the field of view of thermography cameras due to the heating of the panel. The software recognises the pockets, localises and measures them. Once the size of the pocket exceeds setup tolerances, a signal is released from the customer PLC.

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Paint Chamfer Detection

Producing wood boards, four edges of the décor layer in are chamfered. Process related the paint might not be spread evenly. These error locations are detected reliably by fast line scan cameras with high step rate.

Detect Delamination

The décor layer is attached to the base plate. Due to curves, faulty paint may occur at the edges of the product which causes the paint to peel. The imess inspection module observes the attachment between upper layer and board with line scan camera in line. The recorded pictures are evaluated with regard to these errors.

Automated Staple Function / Commissioning

Single fronts and furniture parts are brought together during the commissioning. Generally, palettes are formed. The imess module calculates the ideal order and positioning to form the ideal staple for the palettes. The step of manual sorting is omitted to save time and costs.

  • automation, using robots
  • ideal location and non-spillable transport units
  • easy implementation of optimisation settings
  • expandable for more staple locations

Automated De-Stapling of Palettes

The upper layer of a palette is measured three dimensional with a scanner. The imess software isolates every single plate of the topography and hands the geometry information to a robot for further handling. The scan also detects the plate identity and thus, the nominal sizes which allows the separation of clotted plates, de-stapling or sorting out of falsely labelled parts (plausibility check).

  • automated de-stapling by robot