Connector Inspection

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Product Page

Runout check U100 T

Checking the location tolerances, run out, concentricity and co-axiality of building parts

  • Optical and contact free check
  • Sensor is turned around the sample
  • Possible autmation inline
  • Additional functions such as using lasers for crimping checks
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Reduction of area Z

Determination of Z-value of round samples

  • Measurement within the stretch tester or afterwards via sample handling / roboter
  • Measurement at 0° and 90° or 3° steps
  • Contact-free and fast

Brake Disc Check

To avoid misconstructions and production errors brake disc have to be tested inline.

  • Borehole diameter // Angles of boreholes towards each other
  • Complete test cabin with separation and sorting
  • 100 % control

Break Angle Determination

Measurement of the break angle online during the disc-bending-test according to VDA 238-100

  • Optical recording of angel parallel to force-way-measurement
  • High frequency
  • Easy operation
  • Integrated interface to test machine

Cavities Check

Detection of cavities on sealing surfaces of aluminium pressure die castings according to VDG P202.

  • Optical determination of cavities and their sizes according to Feret
  • Classification according to different categories and good/poor decision
  • Fast and highly accurate check
  • Integrated in production line
  • Statistical and graphical evaluation

Laser Applications

Contour measurement with laser line sensor

  • Testing of valve position with triangulation sensor
  • Record of slab geometry with laser scanners
  • Form control with laser shadow scanners
  • Individual software

Assembly Control

Amongst others control for completeness, control for existence at all

  • Individual adjustment
  • Black and white, colour, pivoting and tilting cameras possible
  • Statistics function
  • Test while moving

Profile Geometry

Profile bolts are cut along a line. The profile is checked at the cut area.

  • Inline Measurement
  • High accuracy
  • 100% control
  • Statistic, trend graphics and detailed documentation