Detect dividing line

The reel is coated with 2 layers. Their dividing line has to be checked for correct position

  • Detect the dividing line all around in 1° steps
  • Calculation of the central diameter
  • Determination of the min. and max. radius in relation to the centre
  • Calculation of the planes of the inner layer within and outside the average diameter

Crack Detection

After widening the tube end, it has to be checked for cracks

  • In stable case with adjustment equipment
  • Fast and accurate
  • Automatic with roboter
  • Graphical depection and detailed statistics

Concentricity and Runout

Check of products with regard to their runout or concentricity

  • High accuracy via telecentricity
  • Free selection of measurement settings
  • Individually adjustable to the test items
  • Report and documentation function
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A120 | Angle Measurement

The systems determines angles between different components of a vehicle drive chain

  • In Y- and Z-direction
  • Highly accurate
  • High mobility
Angle measurement of automotive drive shafts

Runout measurement of metal rods

Optical and operator independent runout measurement of rods

  • imaging the rod with high-precision camera
  • automatic adjustment to different lengths by test plan
  • adjustable number of measurement points per turn
  • Report and documentation function
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