Multi-axis system to control the geometry of medical stents

  • Comparison of set and actual values
  • High resolution
  • High test speed and security
  • Flexible adjustment to characteristics of test item
  • Secure data storage and management
  • Click here to read a detailed description about our control of medical stents
Messkabine Stent

Test for dirt, holes, flash, cords, bubbles

  • High resolution
  • High test speed and security
  • Control of entire surface of test item
  • Flexible adjustment to complex geometries and forms
  • Flexible adjustment to test item specific characteristics (colour, reflection)

Check for under and over molding

  • Measurement check
  • Color control
  • 100% control
  • Observation of contours

Total control of caps, groceries or pharmaceutical products

  • Check for chads
  • Various injection molding errors
  • Two component division
  • Winding check
optical check of plastic parts

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