Measurement-capable strip width measurement in the line.
The system for certified production.

The solutions of our SW series offer measurement capable width measurement of slit strips in slitting lines. It is suitable for several positions within the break frame. The mostly tight construction of the production line is thus used best

  • Measurement width: 5 – 2400 mm

  • Number of Strips: unlimited

  • Material thickness: 0,1 – 5 mm


Stable construction for reliable measurement in slitting lines

The stable construction of the system itself allows a repeatable and high-quality measurement. By saving setup time, reducing the risk of accidents, working highly efficient, the systems are cost efficient in next to no time.


imess SW for capable measurement of strip width

Highly accurate & capable measuring tool

The measurement instruments reach an accuracy of ± 0,01 mm in order to measure product tolerances of up to ± 0,1 mm measurement capable and with an index of cg > 1,67.

Easy calibration

The DakkS certified calibration normal proves the measurement capability of the system. The software guides the user easily in only a few steps through the calibration process.

Interface compatible

The imess measurement module can be connected to the customer’s PLC via several interfaces. In addition, the measurement values can be transmitted to various CAQ systems (such as SAP, databases etc.).

Detailed documentation of the

measured values for evaluation

and archiving

Installation possibilities

The imess Strip Width Measurement can be integrated at various positions.


  1. The C-frame construction can be positioned flexible

  2. Variant with a closed frame fits the space between felt press and pinch roll

  3. Variant with closed frame within the roller cage


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

The results are shown in a table numerically and graphically on screen. Apart from nominal and actual values, the table also lists the tolerance exceedance of every strip. They are signalled at once.

  • control measurement allows a regular check of the system

  • Interface to customers PLC


The best system for every application

imess SW-C | Measurement width up to 650 mm

The space saving SW-C system has been constructed especially for small slitting lines with a measurement width of up to 650 mm. The camera is attached to a stable traversing axis and moves along the slitted belt. The backlight is attached to move adjacently to the camera below the belt.