The measurement capable imess C260 inspects the geometry of connector pins inline

100% control of both connector sides. The production of connectors is subject to strict demands regarding their geometry especially the pins.


The inspection module is integrated inline

The inspection module C260 consists of the laser profile sensor and the imess vision software both integrated inline. The connector is scanned with speed up to 60 mm per second. The collected data is evaluated both numerically and graphically regarding the characteristics. The operator sees the tolerance exceedances easily with significant OK/NOK depiction.


Inspection of every single pin

sufficient for MSA

The imess C260 is the sufficient measurement system for the certified process operation with an accuracy of factor 10 better than the product tolerance itself. The certified calibration item serves as proof.


All measurement values can be stored within the system and can be assigned to each single connector to prove the quality easily.
The results are documented continuously and saved in an Excel compatible format.

operator independent

The optical measurement of the connector offers several advantages. A substantial argument is the operator independence. The measurement of the connectors is done objectively in the production line 100%. The risk of subjective impression is eliminated.

interface compatible

The imess measurement module is connected to the customer PLC by selectable interfaces. Moreover, the measurement values can be handed over to CAQ systems (SAP, databases or similar).


full connector geometry inspection

Swash circumference (top of pin)

Coplanarity / Flatness of pins

Pin length

further characteristics on demand

Opitical control of

connector geometry

by laser


operator friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • operator friendly visualisation of measurement results

  • OK/NOK labeling of every pin

  • Inferface to PLC

  • Export of measurement results