connector check

The system imess C260 checks connectors contact free and capable of measuring system analysis processes inline.

The exact geometry of pins is essential for the for the production of connectors since they have to fit into their respective counterpart. They have to be produced exactly according to drawings.

The imess C260 operates with a capability index of cg ≥ 1,33 at a top of pin wobble circle and a contact length tolerance of ±0,1 mm. Thus, the accuracy is ten times higher than the product tolerance as required.

The primary test characteristics are:

  • wobble circle (Top of Pin)

  • the flatness of the contacts

  • the length of the contacts

  • further characteristics on demand

The integrated laser scans the connector pins with up to 40 mm per second and sends the data to the software. Subsequently, the software visualizes the evaluation of the connector operator friendly. If the measures are out of pre-set tolerance limits, they are depicted in the respective colours according to the picture key.  Error pins can be recognised at once.

Screenshot of evaluation of connector check

The measurement results are documented and stored in Excel-compatible format. Therefore, the data can be used according to individual requirements. For instance, the current shift or other remarks may be added to the automatically created file.

The system offers four essential advantages:

MSA capable

The system fullfills the highest demands with regard to accuracy as for example required in the automotive industry.


All measurement values can be identified in their batch and even the pin which allows fast reaction to faulty productions or to prove the quality of the product.

operator independent

The evaluation of the connector is 100% objective. The operator influence is entirely excluded: an essential advantage of a fully automated optical test.

interface compatible

The measurement module can be connected to the customer’s PLC via various interfaces. Thus, the results can be used within any CAQ framework. Your production is always up to date.

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