imess Thermography applications enrichtes optical quality control opportunities

imess uses the technology in applications for quality control and dimensional accuracy checks in the line. For example, the distribution of temperature in strip and sheet material is checked or thermography is used to detect material defects.

Sample Applications

new inspection possibilities with thermography

Surface inspection| imess T100

Sample application: Coated panels

Bubbles may occur during the coating process. They become visible when the panels are heated because they heat up faster than the rest of the material. The software detects the increased temperature and thus localizes and measures the hollow space.


  • Signalization of tolerance exceedance to control system[/dt_list_item

  • Freely selectable tolerances

  • Test plan

  • Password-protected parameters

  • Line mode

Sample application: Seams on band material

Seams occur when plastic is welded. These seams have a higher temperature. This effect is suitable for checking the seam with a thermal imaging camera. The seam is visible in the camera image and evaluated by the imess software with regard to various inspection features. Among other things, it is possible to continuously check the number and width of the horizontal or vertical seams.

Characteristics e.g.:

  • Number of horizontal horizontal or vertical seams

  • Width of horizontal horizontal or vertical seams

  • Detection of  critical interruptions

Temperature monitoring | T200

Sample application: Springs

In this application, relevant test points on the spring are automatically found and checked for correct temperature. The software displays the measured temperature of the spring and the deviation between set and actual values.


  • Dynamic tracking of the measuring position[/dt_list_item

  • Statistics of last 500 measurements

  • Graphical evaluation

  • Password-protected parameter management

  • Display of the current temperature

Sample application: Stabilizers

The heating of the stabilizers is used on the one hand to analyze the temperature before and after punching and on the other hand to check the geometry of the stabilizer ends. When viewed by a thermographic camera, the stabilizer exhibits a high contrast to the cold environment, so that geometric features can be precisely determined.


  • Perforation[/dt_list_item

  • Symmetry

  • Dimensions

  • Outer contour / burrs

further areas of thermography applications

The use of thermography or thermal imaging cameras for quality control has many possible applications.
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  • Plastics industry

  • Spring industry

  • Steel industry

  • Glass industry

  • Material testing

  • and many more

The thermography applications

are integrated in the

production line


Numerous functions enable the automation of quality control

Connection to the customer’s PLC and IT

The systems are PC based which offers several interfaces which transfer measurement data such as nominal characteristics or identifications like the staff number.

Test Plan

Nominal values for characteristics can be set within the software interface. Prior to the measurement start the respective measurement item can be selected on the main screen which accelerates the entire measurement process.

Service and frequent Maintenance

The imess team is available for you in case of issues or advice plus the systems can be frequently maintained to ensure proper settings and calibration.