Applications comprise the optical and thus non-destructive detection of:

  • Temperature distribution

  • Grip weakness

  • Bubbles

  • Impurities

  • Electronic disruption

  • Over heating (hot spots) etc.

The cameras also have a line mode to check parent material fast with a high record rate as well as high resolution. Thanks to the fast reaction time, 100% inline control of all sizes is possible.

Our thermographic solutions include surface control, temperature distribution within different materials and many more.

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T100 Surface Check

The application T100 checks amongst others coated panel or welds of parent material during running production.

The panels are checked for bubbles which can occur during the lamination process. These show a lower temperature than the other parts of the surface which allows to determine position of the bubble as well as its size. If sizes and/or quantity of bubbles are exceeding the pre-set tolerances, the operator receives a signal to react to.

The welding seams, on the other hand, are checked for quantity as well as width which is compared to nominal data. Especially critical disruptions of the seam are detected reliably. The customer PLC received an n.OK signal from the measurement system software in case the difference between measured and maximum values is too high.

T200 Temperature Observation

The temperature distribution within springs and automotive stabilizers are checked 100% by the T200 application.

Relevant test points are found and checked automatically for spring judgement. Apart from visualisation of the nominal and measured value comparison, the software offers a comprehensive documentation and statistic for the last 500 measurements. The dynamic adjustment of the measurement position is another highlight of the system. Changing the position of the spring leads to automatic adjustment of the search area to ensure stable measurement processes.

The bended ends of the stabilizers are the focus of the application. Geometry and symmetry of the holes as well as outer contour, measures are the essential measurement characteristics apart from the temperature itself.

The use of thermography cameras provides many opportunities for quality control. Contact us to find your individual solution for your demand.