imess F881 offers extensive measurement of suspension springs

The established system offers various features, such as

  • Fast measurement of complex geometries such as C-shape

  • Creating a 3D spring model

  • Comparing the measurement results to a reference spring

  • Transferring measurement results to the coiler


two lasers acquire any angle of the spring

The spring is held by two cones and centrally placed onto an axis. The laser light follows the turning spring wire.


imess F881 offers more than quality control

Measurement of complex geometries

Even complex geometries such as C-shapes are measured optically by the system and thus independent of the operator. This includes for example

  • C-Shape (banana curved),
  • Springs with recessed spring eye and
  • even mini block springs

The coiling direction (left or right coiled) does not cause any problems for the system.

Coiler Setup

The spring geometry highly influences the spring’s reaction under load. Therefore, production aims for constant spring geometry independent from user or production time. Thus, the F881 has an interface to the coiler. The entire coiling data of the spring is provided for the machine. The coiler manufacturer then handles the data provided by imess to correct automatically. Due to the intuitive presentation, the operator can identify the deviations in the pitch or diameter profile exactly to the degree and correct them manually on the automatic coiler.

smart construction for reliable measurement

  • smooth movement of the z-axis
  • continuous turning of the spring
  • Makrolon door increases the operator safety
The interface to the coiler enables

to improve the spring

geometry step by step


Characteristics of suspension spring measurement

Pitch Gap


Radius Spring Eye

further on demand


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • numerical and graphical evaluation

  • 3D model of the spring with coloured evaluation scale

  • easy setup of new springs

  • Measurement protocol

Technical Specification

Spring sizes and system dimensions

Spring Diameter De: up to 300 mm

Spring Length L0: up to 600 mm

Wire Diameter: 5 – 30 mm

Measurement Speed: < 2 minutes for 6 coils

DimensionsL x B x H: 1.200 x 800 x 2.000 mm

Weight: ca. 350 kg