The imess F880 system has been designed to check the 3D geometry of of suspension springs up to 600 mm contactless and thus fast.

Prior to measurement start, the spring is placed onto a centralising bolt and fixed in an upright position with two cones to ensure the best possible measurement results.

  • Pitch Gap

  • Diameter

  • Pitch

  • Radius of both spring eyes

  • more characteristics on demand

The graphical support and comparison to a master spring depiction allow the operator to easily grasp the results and locate the tolerance exceedances quickly at a glance in the 3D model. Nominal values and tolerances are set in the head data of the spring types and can be selected for each nominal-actual value comparison. Various more program and test options are managed in a password parameter menu.

Moreover, the system is optimised to communicate with the coiler. The interface offers the connection either to set the machine manually or automatically. The repetition of the process steps optimises the production quality continuously. Operator report shortened setup times and improved economic efficiency of their production. The quality control is documented thoroughly and statistically prepared for the customer’s record.

Brochure of Suspension Spring Measurement
Concept of Suspension Spring Measurement
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