operator-independent geometry measurement of arc springs – imess F610

Arc springs are primarily used for shock absorption. Therefore, high quality is most important.

imess offers the comprehensive quality test of this component.


smart test concept for inline measurement of arc springs

The F610 system measures arc springs automatically inline. The springs are placed with a feeding system (by customer or producer) onto the rotary disc. The camera records the springs with backlight. Afterwards the software evaluates the pictures and signals the controls to sort good and bad parts.


complete arc spring inspection with multiple functions

Inline arc spring measurement

Contactless and fully automatic image acquisition and evaluation.

Interface to SPS

Measurement results as well as nominal data and tolerances can be exchanged with the customer’s IT via an interface. If required, a signal can be sent to reject bad parts and different NIO switches can be controlled depending on the type of defect.

High-precision measurement using telecentric

The use of telecentric lenses allows even the smallest springs to be measured precisely.

The backlighting enables an exactly

detection of the spring contour

in the camera image.


Capture all dimensions of the arc spring in one measurement




spring center

Pitch Gap





spring center

Spring Diameter

Over- and Undercut

Channel Test

Flatness (additional sensor required)


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording
  • Password protected parameter menu

  • Simple definition of nominal values and tolerances in test plan menu

  • detailed depiction of various characteristics

  • Export of measurement values as CSV-file


Arc spring measurement at the stand-alone test station

imess F600 | Single measurement station for sample inspection

The concept is similar to the inline variant. Instead of a rotary plate, only one spring position is required. The arc spring is placed on the glass plate and measured after start. The software offers similar functions.