The power train of vehicles is unthinkable without the use of arc springs. Their length reduces rotary swings better than alternative springs. During production, exact keeping of geometry settings is essential to ensure their proper functioning.

The system imess F610 is an innovative inspection system to fully control arc spring geometry even under complex frame conditions.

Among the evaluation criteria are:

  • Radius (inner / ourter / spring center)

  • Angel (maximum / spring center)

  • Pitch gap (inner / outer)

  • Diameter

  • Over-/Undercut

  • Channel Test

  • Flatness

The reliable inspection concept uses open clusters with changeable glass plates in a robust rotary disc. Springs are placed onto the plates via feeder or robot. Using telecentric backlight, the springs are measured with high accuracy.

The inspection software evaluates the characteristics and presents them to the operator on the main screen. In addition, the statistic function offers an overview over past results. Various graphics illustrate the values further. Nominal values and tolerances, on the other hand, are setup in the inspection plan management.

After the test, the software sends a signal to the sorting control to sort out good and bad parts.