The system imess F210 tests wire samples with regard to their contour measures and their tolerances.

Even complex contours made of tangential circle segments (multiarc) are reliably measured.


F210 checks the wire contour in short measurement time

The operator selects the respective product name, fixes the wire and presses the start button. The wire is then turned 360° in 1° steps while the outer contour is measured. The contour is put together from the single values and subsequently compared to the nominal contour.

Contour Definition

Three ways to define a nominal contour


The values of the nominal contour and its tolerances are entered and saved in the respective menu with a reference number or name. Moreover, drawings are used to simplify the entry.

CAD-Import (optional)

The measurement software reads the CAD-File, converts and displays it for the operator to select.

Teach-In of Master Contour (optional)

  1. Record any convex contour by measurement

  2. Save it as master contour

  3. Use it as reference.

The compact system enables

an accurate measurement

of the wire contour


Measurement of every convex contour




flat round


rectangular (incl. trapez)

free contour (only CAD or Master)


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • Password protected parameter menu

  • Simple definition of nominal values and tolerances

  • Graphical depiction of results

  • Export of measurement values as CSV-file