Picture of system to check wire contour

Wire is mostly depicted with a round profile. However, wire material can be of many different contours to save weight or installation space, for instance. Apart from oval or hexagonal shapes, profiles may be more complex. Multi-arc wire for instance consists of many tangential circle segments.

imess developed a highly efficient wire measurement system F210 which checks the wire contour regarding their measures in relation to production tolerances – for every convex contour. The test process has been designed with operator focus for easy usability. The intuative operation ensures a low error rate.

First, the wire sample is fixed upright. Then, the operator selects the suitable wire or rather the wire type for first time measurements in a few, simple steps. After pressing the Start Button, the wire turns 360°. Measurement values are recorded in 1° steps and put together to an entire contour. These are subsequently compared to pre-defined nominal values.

The contour can be defined in one of three ways:


Nominal values and tolerances are entered into a password protected test plan. The menu adapts automatically depending on the selected wire profile.


The contour as CAD file can be read by the software and converted respectively. Afterwards the operator can select the contour as future reference

Master Contour Teach In

The system measures the perfectly new wire which can be saved subsequently as future reference wire profile.

The results are displayed both numerically and graphically. The table includes data for each segment/ angle whereas the wire coiling is shown in a coordinate system. A contour depiction comprises nominal and actual contour as well as tolerances.

Evaluation of Wire Contour