imess F920 inspects various geometric features of the wave spring over 360 degrees.

The scanner creates a profile of the wave-shaped spring. In the intuitively operable inspection software, the nominal/actual comparison is carried out with specified values.


Inspection of the wave spring with high-precision laser technology

Before starting the measurement, the wave spring is placed on the rotary table. Operators benefit from the system’s simple mechanical positioning aid. Once the measurement is started, the laser scans the automatically rotating spring and sends the values to the imess measurement software.



Mechanical operating assistance

enables quick change of

spring diameters.


quick and simple inspection of the wave spring geometry

Wave Height

Wave Number



further on demand


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • Password protected parameter menu

  • Simple definition of nominal values and tolerances

  • Graphical depiction of results

  • Export of measurement values as CSV-file