Wave springs are used in the industry mostly in limited installation spaces. The height of the spring is up to 50% lower compared to valve springs with similar power.


The critical production settings of the components can be checked with the compact system solution of the imess F920 fast and uncomplicated. The system offers the user detailed results of the nominal and actual value comparison of the following characteristics:

  • Wave Height

  • Wave Count

  • Bowl-like warpage

  • Flatness

  • further characteristics on demand


The wave spring is placed onto a rotary disc on the measurement system. The spring has to be in the exact centre of the disc. Operator profit from the easy mechanical positioning aid of the system in this regard.

Even the change from the one spring diameter to another has been considered for the construction. The laser is above the spring attached to a linear scale. Prior to measurement the laser is positioned according to the current nominal spring diameter. The laser itself has protection class 2M and is thus not dangerous at a brief glance.


Subsequently, the spring turns 360° for the measurement while the laser scans the outline. The imess software presents the measurement values afterwards including the minimum and maximum values. In addition, the coiling of the spring is graphically prepared

The customer specific nominal data and their allowed tolerances serve as basis for the evaluation of the results as OK/nOK. The operator receives information regarding the separate segments. The statistic function offers an insight into the result process of the measurement series results. Various spring types can be set up in the password protected spring parameter menu in which the spring height can be managed individually. All measurement values are exported in Excel compatible formats on demand.


The measurement system imess F920 gathers valuable data of the spring quality for the quality assurance. Thanks to the intelligent construction and digital measurement, the results are operator independent and path the way for industry 4.0. The automatic measurement and documentation increase the economic advantage of the production process even more.