The measurement tables of the imess SQ series inspect the geometry of sheets and blanks.

The measuring tables are usually placed directly next to the production line. so that product ramp-up and cyclical quality control are thus executed fast and documented.

The different variants of the optical measurement tables can inspect the following characteristics.

  • Length

  • Width

  • Rectangularity

  • Camber

  • Cross Camber

  • Waviness


an overview of typical measuring table solutions

Optical Measurement Tables for Sheets

Variant A: Granite Measurement Table for Width and Camber

In order to reach a rather high measurement, the table is fitted with a granite frame. Furthermore, the surface provides an even guiding of the material with low temperature reaction and long durability. With both a linear encoder and telecentric camera technique the sheet width is determined with high accuracy. Optionally, the table can be equipped with further sensors to measure the camber cut, too.

Variant B: Granite Measurement Table for Width and Camber

This variant positions the sheet on a stable granite plate as well. After placing the sheet towards the stops, the sensor of the width measurement is moved manually to the edge. At the same time, the camber measurement is conducted at the stop side. Both measurement values are depicted in the software graphically and numerically.

Variant C: Measurement Table for Width

The construction similar to a drawing table offers an easy positioning of the sheet strip. The sensor moves automatically towards the edge. The width is determined with the measurement values and an actual nominal value comparison is conducted. The evaluation of the results is documented and can be transferred to the customer IT.

Optical Measurement Tables for 2D Geometry

Variant A: Portal-Table for Width, Length and Rectangularity

Guides and linear encoder are integrated in the portal frame. The camera, on the other hand, is fixed onto a horizontal traverse to position it freely. The positions of the detected sheet edges are handed over to the software. Measurement values are subsequently calculated and visualised quickly.

Variant B: Measurement Table for Width, Length and Rectangularity

The sheet can be positioned easily and fast. Two optical sensors then move towards the sheet edges. In addition, a mechanical feeler can be moved to measure the rectangularity.

Optical Measurement Tables for any 2D Geometry (Tailored Blanks)

The system checks the contour of free form blanks in only a few steps. Merely the 2D drawing is needed for a start. The software changes it to a nominal contour which is used to evaluate the measurement data.


Further Measurement Table Solutions

Measurement Tables for Paper, Fibre Mats and similar Fabrics

The simple, compact measurement table is suitable to measure the width of fines such as paper, cloth or small sheets. The sample is placed onto a glass plate and shows the measures within a camera frame due to bright backlight. The software evaluates the image and saves the width.

Measurement Tables for Cross Camber

The system is currently in development.


Numerous functions enable the automation of quality control

Connection to the customer’s PLC and IT

The systems are PC based which offers several interfaces which transfer measurement data such as nominal characteristics or identifications like the staff number.

Test Plan

Nominal values for characteristics can be set within the software interface. Prior to the measurement start the respective measurement item can be selected on the main screen which accelerates the entire measurement process.

Service and frequent Maintenance

The imess team is available for you in case of issues or advice plus the systems can be frequently maintained to ensure proper settings and calibration.

The characteristics can be

easily combined for an

individual solution.


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • Password protected parameter

  • simple definition of nominal data and tolerances

  • graphical and tabular depiction of results

  • Export of the measurement results as CSV file