Measurement table for width

Optical measurement tables test single samples in only a few steps fast, reliable and operator independent. The imess developments are tailor made for each task and the respective material. They automatize the measurement of samples and make them economically efficient. The measurement results are objective, repeatable and accurate.

The product portfolio allows the measurement of various characteristics with regard to the specific quality assurance requirements.

Characteristics of imess measurement tables

Application: Width Measurement of Metal Strip

Several measurement tables which are used for quality assurance purposes to measure the width of metal strips have been built for one of the leading steel corporations. These strips are placed onto the measurement table. Subsequently, the width is automatically measured with a range sensor.

The result evaluation is done in a few seconds only.

YouTube Video: Width Measurement

Application: Width and Camber Measurements

An Austrian producer of rolled aluminium products faced the challenge to test width and camber cuts. Especially the accuracy and repeatability with regard to the table construction had to be considered carefully.

Therefore, the surface was made of granite. A modified camber measurement plate (-> Camber Measurement Concept) has been attached to the front end to measure the camber for 400 mm. A linear sledge has been installed to measure the width with integrated range measurement system.

YouTube Video: Width and Camber Measurement

Application: various Materials

The measurement table solution are suitable for various materials. SQ1L, for instance, measures the width of slightly transparent material like paper strips.

YouTube Video: Table for transparent material

Application: Tailored Blanks

Get to know our concept and read our product news.

Product news: Measurement of Tailored Blanks

The implemented software documents and evaluates consistently. Tolerance exceedances are signalised at once and reported.

Numerical values can be stored in Excel readable format and used for analyses and quality assurance. The QA work is thus strengthened and used for long term support.