imess S40 is ideal for reliable testing of cross camber

When slitting metal, the problem of cross camber, i.e. strip curvature at right angles to the running direction, often occurs. imess S40 enables reliable testing of the cross camber of material strips in just a few seconds. The measurement is operator-independent and digitizes quality control. Two different versions are available for this purpose.


Two measurement concepts for your requirements

Version 1: 3-Point-Measurement

For 3-point measurement, the sample is placed on the imess S40 system and centered using the handwheel. The high-precision, non-contact laser sensor determines the cross camber exactly in the middle and shows the measurement on the system display.

Version 2: complete scan

A complete scan of the material sample is performed. For this purpose, a central slot is cut into a stable granite measuring table, through which the laser sensor on a positioning carriage optically scans the height of the sheet, i.e. without contact. The result is used to determine the maximum cross camber. The scanning concept can be extended to check other features.

imess S40 enables

the selective or complete

cross camber test.


Fast display of measured values on the system or in the software

  • Clear display of measured values on the housing and transmission to PC at the touch of a button (variant 1)

  • Detailed processing of the height profile with maximum cross camber (variant 2)

  • Intuitive operation

  • Export of the measured values as a CSV file

Technical Data of Variant 1



Technical data vary depending on customer requirements.
Exemplary standard values for imess S40-500:

  • Sample width: 5 – 500 mm

  • Sample length: 220 – 500 mm

  • Measuring range: 0 – 10 mm

  • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.005 mm

Technical Data of Variant 2

complete scan of the sample


Technical data vary according to customer requirements and are available on request