The systems of the imess SMP series check the side straightness of strips and sheets.

Variants for every production situation

  • stationary: Measurement of sample cuts

  • portable: mobile SMP

  • inline: continuous strip monitoring


smart test concept for reliable measurement

The sheet is placed against the two stop bolts. A sensor in the center of the plate shows the value of the deviation on the housing display and optionally in the testing software.


Camber Measurement in every Production Situation

Stationary Camber Measurement Plate SMP

The camber measuring plate can be used on a profile rack or as a tabletop instrument in the laboratory. Sample cuts are placed towards the stop pins and the value is visualized.


  • Variants with Length of 1m, 2m, 3 Feet, 6 Feet
  • automatic conversion of 1m results to e.g. 2m base length
  • Visualization in mm / inch

Portable Camber Measurement Plate SMP-P

The portable solution can be simply applied to the line. The measured value is shown on the case display.

Inline Measurement by SMP-I

Inline camber measurement with 3 calibrated


  • 100% monitoring
  • No downtime or damages due to corrupt faulty material
  • High accuracy
  • Documentation of measured results
Concept of in line camber measurement

Easy handling and fast protocolling.

The camber measurement goes digital.

Software (optional)

operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

The measured values are transferred to the measurement software via cable or WLAN.

  • Display of measurement results

  • History of prior measurements

  • Header data menu for managing the nominal values and tolerances

  • Export of the measurements as a protocol