Detect camber in sheets

Slitting coils releases tension in semi-finished material which creates camber cut at the slitted strip. Camber which may be also called edge straightness may lead to tool damage and stopping the production, if it goes undetected. Despite several techniques to calculate the likeliness of camber cut, it cannot be prevented fully. Therefore, the camber needs to be detected fast and reliably to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

imess provides various solutions to measure the camber. The variants differ with regard to their application area. On the one hand, a single measurement can be conducted with the 4 kg portable system or a stationary counterpart. Therefore, the sheet has to be placed onto the system plate which is fitted with two bolts to guarantee repetitive high quality standard.

An inline system, on the other hand, suits the constant inline measurement. It works with three calibrated sensors which measure continuously at the beginning of a stamping line.

The systems offer a resolution of 0.01 mm and field of views of ±10 mm.