optical Inline Measurement of Sheet Geometry

The system imess S4 offers 100% inline control of the sheet geometry in cut-to-length lines. The lengths of the diagonals are subtracted to calculate the rectangularity. The measurement is conducted behind the cut.


Detection of all sheet corners for geometry measurement

The system consists of a fixed and a traversing portal with two cameras each. The sheet edges are recorded after the trigger signal release. The construction covers flexible sheet lengths and widths.


imess S4 automates quality control in the cross-cut line

Measurement of each sheet

The system checks the dimension of each individual sheet even at high belt speeds of up to 240 meters per minute. Also, large sheets of 2100 mm width and 8000 mm length are reliably detected and inspected by the system.

Complete documentation

The measurement characteristics of each sheet are fully recorded. The measurement log can be exported and saved for internal documentation.

Construction in steel or granite

The system operates reliably and with high accuracy even in rough environmental conditions. The construction can be either in steel or granite. Granite provides better accuracy, but is only used for small installations.

After the sheet corners have been

detected, the measurement software

calculates the result


Measurement of the sheet geometry



Diagonal measure difference


operator-friendly measurement software for evaluation and recording

  • Password protected parameter menu

  • Simple definition of nominal values and tolerances

  • Graphical depiction of results

  • Export of measurement values as CSV-file