imess offers an inline inspection module for the wood industry which detects incomplete paint on wooden boards and signalises that via customer interface to controls. The 100% paint chamfer detection is conducted inline and works with a line scan camera for each wood board edge.

High quality wood boards are chamfered during production. Apart from the significant optics, the edges are also protected at the same time. The chamfers are either alongside the edges (2 each board) or all around (4 each board) cut. Subsequently, the painting is done lengthwise and additionally across transportation direction. Due to the process itself, the paint might not be spread evenly. These parts have to be detected and marked accordingly.

Each chamfer is detected and analysed by the software. The innovative technology makes use of the reflection of the paint. Therefore, the colour of the paint does not have any influence on the measurement.

The maximum amount of allowed errors as well as tolerances are managed in the menu for each article. The operator receives a signal once the limit is exceeded to sort out the respective wooden board or to have it repainted. High transport speed of 130 m / minute have no influence on the measurement thanks to powerful camera hardware and intelligent programming.

The measurement results are documented in the software and may be archived without problems. The communication  with the customer network allows the digital quality control evaluation. Thus, it contributes to industry 4.0 production.