optical control in slittling lines

2019 is a strong year for imess strip width measurement. Since January, five systems have been ordered and some have already been installed. The measuring widths of the systems are 1500, 1600 and 2100 mm. Strip width and number are irrelevant for the high-precision measurement. The systems achieve an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm so that product tolerances of up to ± 0.1 mm can be measured with an index of cg > 1.33.  In addition, a DAkkS certified calibration standard serves as proof of performance, with which the imess system meets the high industrial requirements for measuring accuracy and traceability.

The strip width measurement in different versions can be reliably used in narrow lines of 400 mm as well as in wide systems up to 2400 mm. The nominal values, i.e. number of strips and width or their tolerances, are transferred from the customer’s control system via the bidirectional interface. The traversing camera moves over the band when the system is at a standstill, detects the strips in transmitted light and takes a picture at each of the strip edges.

Three positions in the classic slitting line are ideal for installation.

  • C-frame: The camera is located next to the strip and is mounted on a C-frame. This is moved over the band for measurement. The position can be freely selected according to space requirements.
  • Between pinch roll and felt break: The camera is mounted on an axle within a closed frame. It remains in a protected parking position until the measurement. The slim design with a width of 220 mm enables uncomplicated retrofitting.
  • Inside the roller basket: A closed frame is also used..
Installation possibilites of Strip Width Measurement

The collected images are evaluated in a few seconds and displayed as actual values with possible tolerance violations in a user-friendly way. Independent of the number of strips and the measuring width, the measurement is carried out at a speed of 100 mm per second. The software works with password-protected parameters and comprehensively documents the results according to individual requirements.