imess at Wafios

Not only in the automotive industry high quality requirements come along with a rising number of measurement tools. Therefore the size of one system is getting more and more important while planning new factories and laboratories. imess presented the system F435 C as reaction to this development at the Wafios In-House Exhibition in Wuppertal, Germany. F435 C is nearly 50 % smaller than the classic edition. The system width of 65 cm is qualified for use in small laboratories, which are troubled with limited space.

System for compact measurement of valve springs

“With the advancement of our successful test system for valve springs we are well prepared for the future."

Patrick Telders - General Manager

By now 50 systems of this product line are installed at customer side worldwide. The system can be characterized by its highly accurate measurement and test of valve springs, which can be conducted in each production state. It checks the most important characteristics such as e1, e2, De or grinding angle. The graphical depiction shows the geometry of the recent spring and the one of the master spring in a progression diagram. Further the coiler interface improves the setup and therefore the spring production. How does it work? The system delivers data regarding pitch gap and diame­ter to the coiler. The correction can be done automatically by the manu­facturer of the coiler or manually by the operator. Further the spring construction benefits by use of F435. The collected values are assembled to a 3D model of the spring, which can be saved as text file and read by construction software.

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