Evaluation of Tailored Blanks measurement

imess offers various optical measurement tables with their product line SQ. These tables are suitable for various materials and do not only apply to the metal industry. Systems have been installed to measure either the width of paper strips or fabrics.

The system SQ2D, for instance, measures the contour of tailored blanks. These pre-products are usually used in the automobile industry and processed further. The blanks are observed with regard to their outer geometry. In addition, hollows are checked as well. It only takes a few steps for the system to be ready to measure. Merely a 2D drawing of the blank is needed as a start. It is used as reference after having been automatically converted in a nominal contour file. Subsequently, the camera moves along the tailored blank and sends the collected data to the PC. The Software then evaluates the fitting of the measured contour into the nominal contour and visualizes its deviations. Within this visualisation the fitting can be observed in greater detail at a random point.

Moreover, the software offers a differentiated test plan management and password protected parameter.

Ablaufdiagramm Tailored Blanks

This is only one of many measurement systems for the metal industry. Click here for further solutions.