The latest development imess S30 detects the coil set of metal digitally and operator independent. The coil set phenomenon is typically occurring during decoiling processes due to the tension of the material itself. If the coil set is undetected, severe problems occur during the stamping. Regular inspection is thus required.

The sheet sample is manually fixed to detect its flatness. Two sensors measure the distance of the sample edge towards the basic plate. In addition, the twist can be detected as well. Both values are visualised with the integrated mini-PC to make tolerance deviation easily visible for the operator.

The space saving mini-PC can be integrated into the customer’s IT. Therefore, nominal values can be sent to the measurement system and results can be sent to the PLC in return. The nominal value and actually measured value comparison can be conducted as well as a statistical analysis. Single charges can be setup and evaluated quickly. All values are stored in Excel compatible form for comprehensive archiving.

imess S30 offers a fast and operator independent overview over the production quality. Together with other systems such as the economically efficient camber measurement plate (Concept of Camber Measurement) and the inline width measurement (Concept of Width Measurement) the process can be observed on total. The systems digitalise the production process and provide the path to industry 4.0.