Cutting or stamping metal leads to burrs at the material. The burr may cause a bad final product. Therefore, the aim has to be the prevention of these burrs as early in the process as possible. Its development has to be detected as well as its height.

The capable measurement system imess S28 is equipped with a feeler which moves automatically over the sample’s edge. In order to ensure a highly accurate measurement with an accuracy of +/- 2 μm, the sheet is fixed with two clamps. The sensor moves over the fixed edge and transfers the raw data which is subsequently depicted in a coiling graphic, showing the maximum burr height deviation.

In addition, the program offers the following useful functions:


The software surface is usable. Its structure allows a measurement process without complicated introduction or training. The system moves automatically on pressing the start button and evaluates the result at once.

Type Management

Sheet samples can be setup at a management level including tolerances and nominal values. Additional information such a job or coil number can be added as well.

Test Protocol

All measurements are stored in an Excel compatible file. A measurement protocol can also be stored including the coiling graph as pdf. The files include all type information for easier searchability.

Calibration Check

The system can be calibrated on a regular basis with integrated functions and a DAkkS calibration item. The calibration history protocols all verifications.

Password protected Parameter Menu

All system settings are managed in a password protected parameter menu.