The solutions of the imess S-TM series provide operator independent thickness measurement which can be integrated into the production line – even additionally into existent lines.


The laser-based thickness measurement offers various advantages:

Compared to x-ray measurement, no radiation protection officer is needed.

Compared to tactile measurements, the highly sensitive material is not damaged.

Continuous control during running production,

The difference principle is used for the highly accurate measurement of metal thickness. Two laser sensors are positioned adjacently either at a closed frame or a traversing c-frame. The distance difference of both sensors towards the material is used to determine the thickness accurate to the µm.

In order to guarantee a stable running system, the lasers are regularly calibrated with a certified calibration item.

All measurement values are collected and evaluated in the imess software. Furthermore, the application offers various functions to ease the quality control. On the one hand, the processing of the thickness is shown operator friendly in a diagram. The characteristic can be checked at different positions and evaluated at a glance. Nominal values and tolerances are setup in the program settings and an exceedance is marked accordingly. In addition, a customer exchange with their own interface is possible.

On the other hand, the statistic function offers a fast insight into the results over the latest measurements. Moreover, the measurement values are exported in the universally compatible csv format.

The system SW-TM combines the established and measurement capably imess strip width measurement in cut-to-length lines (see the concept here) and the laser-based thickness measurement. Both important characteristics can be inspected within a single system. A camera and a backlight add to the laser sensors the width detection of every single strip for overall results.