The latest topic in the industry are various motors for future vehicles. However, independent from electronic or motors already in use, the chassis rarely changes.

Suspension springs used in all types of vehicles are marked during production with diverse signatures such as colour dots, text or barcodes. Subsequently, the allocation to loadgroups, a constant tracking and documentation is simplified.

Imess optimises the process step with the system imess F510smart from the product range of spring checking gauges with their innovative solutions to check signatures reliably.

Therefore, springs are moved along the belt into a small test cabin with one or two (double step) colour cameras. Once the spring reaches the cabin, ambient light is automatically excluded and a picture taken from the spring at hand. Thus, the image of the signature is perfectly clear and can be evaluated exactly.


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Each producer has his own marking for suspension springs but not to worry. The imess system is prepared for all kinds of markings that the range of characteristics is rather wide. Colours, their sequence or their bare existence can be evaluated for example as well as barcode, matrix code or text.

The useable software evaluates the images promptly after they are shot and hands the results over on demand to the customer‘s controls.

Apart from this function, the tailor-made program is fitted with many more useful features. Amongst others, there is a Teach-In Wizard, which allows the operator to setup each spring type step by step. The risk of errors during type definition is minimized by the software guidelines and reduces the duration of the setup process.

The signature check is increasingly automatized by the imess F510 smart and thus economically efficient. It is user independent and 100% inline.

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