The imess inspection system depicted here ensures a fast and secure sorting of canted coil springs.

In addition, the concept is also suitable for types such as

  • Circular springs

  • Constant force springs

  • Small arc springs

  • Leg springs

  • Disc springs

The optical geometry check increases the economic efficiency of the production, reduces the returns and works operator independent.

A mechanical feeder moves the circular springs onto the glass turning disc. The image is shot once the spring passes a light barrier, triggering the camera. The adjacent light area behind the glass plate creates the perfect condition to detect the contour most accurately.

The image is transferred to the tailor-made software which releases the sorting signal depending on the evaluation result. If the measurement values are within the tolerances, the spring is pushed by pressured air into a box. Thus, conform springs only are processed further.

Tolerances and adjusted setup nominal values are considered to evaluate the spring geometry. Their comparison is done in milliseconds. Subsequently, the result is visualised operator friendly.

A statistic function additionally prepares the values which can also be exported and archived as .csv file. The inspection quality is further secured by regular intervals of software calibration.