During daily operation, springs have to stand high pressure. It is essential to be within format since the compression changes the pitch of the spring crucially. In order to check the format – the geometry under load – imess developed the system F435 CL.

The basic construction corresponds to the established system imess F435 to measure the geometry of free standing valve springs (read product news about imess F435). It is enhanced by a load bridge which presses the spring with up to 2000 Newton force to a length adjustable in the software.

The innovative concept of optical measurement avoids disturbing shadow effects and thus provides highly accurate measurement results. Prior to measurement start, the ground spring is placed onto a rotary disc with a light bolt in its centre. The additional light from within is useful to detect the spring end dynamically as well as the coiling of the diameter and the pitch per degree within the test software. Continuous inspection quality is ensured by calibration with cylinders.

Necessary production values and tolerances are easily selected and established in the software head data. The results of the nominal and actual value comparison can be exported in csv format for further analysis. The user-friendly design of functions results in fast and reliable data to optimise the production.