The stabilizer spring belongs to the most important safety components of vehicles. Thanks to this intelligent connection between the wheels, the roll angle is reduced and the ride characteristics are stabilized. In order to ensure high driving security, a geometry inspection of the stabilizers is vital.

The optical imess inspection system F300 controls the stabilizer quality comprehensive, non-destructive and operator independent. Cameras and laser sensor move parallelly along the flat end on both sides to send the measurement values to the imess software.

The evaluation of various characteristics is presented operator friendly:

  • Thickness of the flat end

  • Width of the flat end

  • Leg width

  • Leg length

  • Drilling Diameter

  • Bridge Measure

  • Interlacing

  • Angle of the flat ends

The geometry of the stabilizer bolt can be checked optionaly.

The password protected inspection management allows a save and easy change of stabilizer types. The sensors can be calibrated on a regular basis to achieve repeatable results. It is especially reasonable once the location of the system changes or the temperature.

Furthermore, all measurement values are stored in an Excel-readable format and are thus available for documentation and evaluation purposes.